Be Prepared: Make a Plan

Be Prepared: Make an Immigration Plan (fvaldezlaw.com_Our hearts ache for the families affected by recent immigration raids. As President Trump’s administration continues to roll out its expanded deportation priorities, we encourage everyone to remain calm while also planning for the future. You should take steps to be prepared for any eventuality:

  • Consider meeting with an immigration attorney or accredited BIA representative to see if there are any legal immigration strategies available to you. If no remedies are available for your situation, begin thinking through and instituting a plan in the case of detention or deportation.
  • Make a copy of important documents and put them in one place. Make sure family members know where to find those documents.
  • Save money in case there is a need to hire an attorney or pay a bond. Make sure you or your designated representatives know how and can access that money.
  • Plan for your children’s well-being. Individuals with children should create a structure for who will take care of children in the event that parents are detained. Do not sign anything regarding you or your children without consulting with a lawyer. Consider getting a power of attorney in place so that a family member or friend can take care of your children in the event you are detained or deported.
  • Know your rights. Do not open the door unless officers have a signed warrant. You have a right to remain silent and ask to speak with an attorney. Do not sign anything without consulting an attorney.
  • Make informed decisions. For certain immigrants, detention in a federal institution is mandatory. These detainees will not be released before the completion of removal proceedings or the carrying out of a deportation order if their record shows a prior removal order and/or several different types of criminal issues. While detained, immigrants may be transferred from facility to facility, including to out-of-state facilities. Detainees could be transferred in the middle of the night without warning. Due to the stress some detainees choose to be released back to their home country; this is completely up to the detainee but please make sure they have been informed of the consequences of this decision by an attorney that represents the detainee.

Please be aware that being detained is very stressful emotionally and physically on the detainee, as well as the family and friends of the detainee. Empower yourself with the knowledge of your own situation and options to ensure that you understand your situation. Be careful, be prepared, and take care.

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