Undocumented Immigrants: Taxes

Claims that the undocumented community slides by without paying taxes couldn’t be further than the truth. All immigrants, undocumented and those with status must pay taxes the same way citizens do. However, unlike citizens and residents, unauthorized workers do not qualify for the earned income tax credit, social security and other tax-related benefits. Even though they are unable to […]

I-601A Waiver

FValdezLaw has compiled this Prezi to provide general information regarding the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver (I-601A). This includes a breakdown of the evidence immigrants and qualifying relatives should gather when applying for the I-601A. FValdezLaw previously published a deck that includes a breakdown of topics upon which immigrants and qualifying relatives should touch when scripting […]

Be Prepared: Make a Plan

Our hearts ache for the families affected by recent immigration raids. As President Trump’s administration continues to roll out its expanded deportation priorities, we encourage everyone to remain calm while also planning for the future. You should take steps to be prepared for any eventuality: Consider meeting with an immigration attorney or accredited BIA representative […]